Namecompanion is a domain advisory agency that provides world class domains to clients globally from multinational companies to celebrities to the guy down the street (literally) we are the industry’s leading outbound brokerage team. We are also collectors of memorable creative and Premium domains.
Geo + service keyword domains and exact match keyword rich domains are our all-time favorite.

What We Do

We seek out and capitalize on opportunities in the domain space and help others do the same.  We provide domain brokering, domain acquisition and domain consulting.  Namecompanion is in domain name acquisitions and consulting for small, medium and large companies as well as investors.

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Domain names have become a market in themselves and  Namecompanion strives to consult and acquire domains that are most relevant to our clients.

Our Services

Our industry professionals are able to deliver better ideas and solutions embedded with a deep understanding of each client’s business and industry.
Want a domain name which is already owned by someone? Contact our team of industry professionals! With decade of negotiation experience we can ensure to bring you the best price while keeping you anonymous which means you save money. Hire domain industry professional to find your new domain today!
Acquire domain
Have a Premium domain to sell? Consider us as your domain advisory team to work virtually with any domain owner or seller worldwide. We also facilitate stealth domain sales to keep your confidentiality uncompromised.
Sell my domain
Looking for an Awesome Brand Name for your new startup or E commerce site or need help regarding domain name valuation we got it covered.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy domain name from you?
Majority of our domains are registered at GODADDY.com, If you do not have an account at Godaddy you can make one for free in few minutes. As for payment, we send you an invoice that you can pay with PayPal or any major credit card. Secondarily if you like to purchase domain directly we can also list the domain name on Undeveloped.com/Godaddy.com or other website. Please note - Marketplace commission charges extra.
I like the domain name but I don’t know is it really helpful for my company?
Just send us an Email or call us so we can explain you the benefits precisely.
Do I need any technical knowledge for accepting the domain transfer?
The Ownership transfer process is very simple hence it does not require any technical knowledge. You can rely on simple instruction provided by us.
From where do you buy the domain name?
We acquire our domains from various sources such as live auctions, Drop catch (pre-order) or directly reach the buyer to acquire the domain and then re-sell it.
Can you help me to redirect the domain that I will be buying to my current business website?
We can absolutely guide you with redirection for free given that you have purchased the domain name from us that needs to be redirected. You will be provided with guidelines for redirection and if its insufficient we can provide you phone support too.
How can I get assured that I will get domain in my account after the transaction?
This is a most frequently asked question by clients who are purchasing domain very first time from us, to the solution we can provide you the screenshots of the domain name in our account, In addition to that if you are a business owner with verifiable online presence we may transfer the domain name to your account prior to payment so you do not have to risk a penny.
Why do I need to buy any extra domain name When I already have one ?
For making it easier for your clients/potential clients to reach you. Many companies nowadays have very long domains and domains with hyphen (-), If you have one it needs to be changed, there are two problems with it. With long domains there are higher chances for potential clients to make typing error, while in case of dashes most of the client forgets to put the dashes while entering the web address and same thing happens with the email address. You may miss the email from your important client this way. Even, if you have a decent looking domain name, having an exact match domain name can be more attractive to clients. For example one of my clients purchased BrooklynEventspace.com specially to redirect it to the corporate event page on their website which is the one of many services they are providing, It is easier then ever to reach directly to corporate event page. Exact match domain names also helps the customer to understand what are the services/product being sold by you initially as the domain name is the very first point of interaction with customers. For example, If you are in urgent need of plumbing services What will you choose 24hourplumber.com or Miketheplumber.com? This example may have clearly illustrated the importance of acquiring the right domain name.

What Clients Say